SESSION 6  | Aura Arreola (MX) & Samer Alkurdi (SYR/AT)
SESSION 6 : Merging E-motions

Daily soundscapes of different environments in different countries and different time zones. The outer-inner worlds of two artists that barely know each other; just basic things, but a common situation: their transformations in a changed world. Bodies inhabiting an intimate journey through diverse states, stimulated by the powerful instant of listening to the other's body. The connection with one other –ephemeral, fragil, present– just by the sound, becomes a recall for survival, a sauvage-delirious trance where memory, imagination and affection blur their limits.

Aura Arreola

Stage artist, director, manager and researcher. Co-founder of Sociedad de Carne y Hueso, Campo Escénico S.C y Cuerpos en Revuelta-Butoh Dance Festival in Latin America. Her stage presence is enhanced since 2016, in collaborations with artists from various fields, particularly sound art, theater, visual arts, music and experimental film. In her work she investigates site specificity, immersive experiences and eroticism with the project El Festín (Sociedad de Carne y Hueso, 2016-). She decentralizes her practice from the scenic field, to investigate from and about the body, the intricacies between memory, imagination, sensation, perception and movement. In this sense, it unfolds possibilities between theory and practice, movement and choreography, knowledge and feelings, essays to forge an expanded, heterogeneous, adisciplinary artistic corpus (Bardet, 2019), critical and situated.

*Beneficiary of the program of Creadores Escénicos 2019 of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA).

Samer Alkurdi

Samer Alkurdi is a dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, well known in the Arabic-speaking world as a choreographer and international specialist for country-specific forms of dabke and oriental as well as contemporary dance. He has worked for several years as event coordinator and choreographer for major international events and has won several awards.