SESSION 3  | Galia Eibenschutz (MX) & Bernadette Laimbauer (AT)

Searching for a way communication apart from the visual image but almost like telepathy, and with a common interest in the voice, Galia and Bernadette started their process by sharing voice recordings in which it was possible to hear the size of the space through echo. Then, through a sound dialogue, they became the echo of each other.

"We are free echoes, we imagined that as a kind of ghost while usually echo repeats the same tone pitch but becomes more and more quiet, our task to echo each other had more freedom."

At the end there was the feeling that they got to know each other from their singings and that they are connected from the body.

Galia Eibenschutz

Her work is generated from a dialogue between drawing and movement, establishing a platform between performance art and visual art. The registration of movement and the passage of time, the scenic presence of the body and its projection into the architecture, are the main axis of her projects.t

Important performances are: Dibujos efímeros, Dibujo de transmisión and Terreno vulnerable, activations as part of the solo exhibition: Moverse para nombrar (Moving to Name) at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil Fold. Unfold. Trace. Track. Landscape. The Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Los dibujos son torbellinos en la superficie de la corriente del tiempo (The drawings are whirlwinds on the surface of the time stream) J,Berger, Dance Theater. Solo con batería (Solo with drums), in collaboration with Armando Rosales Rivero, Teatro de la Danza. Trazos para Cello (Traces for Cello), in collaboration with Natalia Pérez Turner, MACO, Oaxaca. Especies Endémicas. Un año de encuentros sabatinos, (Endemic species. A year of Saturday meetings), Museo Universitario del Chopo. Zona de Penumbra (Penumbra Zone) Sequences in Architecture, Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara. Estudios del espacio dentro del espacio, de otros estudios, de otros espacios (Studies of the space within the space, of other studies, of other spaces), Tamayo Museum. Walk on Cracked Land, Center for the Arts and Communication, Miami Basel. Punto de fuga (Vanishing point). Alameda Art Laboratory.t

She was selected as the 2019 choreographer by the Mcknight Foundation, Minneapolis. In 2016 her project for the Laboratorio de Dibujo y Movimiento (Drawing and Movement Laboratory) was selected by CEPRODAC-INBA. In 2012 she was a beneficiary of the National Dance Stimulus Program EPRODANZA-CND/INBA. Mexico. She has received production support from Fundación Jumex (Jumex Foundation) in 2005 and 2011. She is currently a member for the second time of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores del Arte FONCA (National System of Creators of Art FONCA).t

Bernadette Laimbauer

Bernadette Laimbauer lives in Linz where she studies experimental art emphasizing on performative art in its wide range: Exclusive one-on-one or for small audience, collaborations in groups and with child, sometimes solo, using voice without singing and the rest of the body without dancing, creating performative objects, drawings and rituals. Her last shows have been seen at the festival „Stille Nacht. The city never sleeps“ Hallein AT, exhibition „Traurige Tropen-Bunte Tüten“ at WHA Galerie Linz AT, „Future Rituals“ at Arnolfini Bristol UK.